Chart reports

Do you need a report with the results of your survey quickly?

When you have your survey data then chart reports are a nice way to present your findings. Bar and column charts are a classic and well established way to give you a good overview over your results.

In the chart reports pick one questions are visualized as column charts, pick any questions as bar charts and matrix questions as stacked bar charts. Here you can find an example of a chart report.

Get your chart report in one workday

After you sent me your data you will get the finished chart report in one workday. The chart report includes the following:

  • Results as charts for up to 20 questions
  • Significant results can be shown if needed
  • Footer for every chart including number of cases and other important statistics (e.g. Filters, significance tests, etc.) if needed
  • Format and Design in your colors or with your chart templates

The Price for a single chart report, including up to 20 questions is € 499,-.

Every additional 5 questions will be billed with € 30,-

If you need a report with breaks please let me know and I will send you an individual offer. Of course I can also categorize open ended questions for you.

Your data should already be labeled and cleaned. If they are not I can label and clean them for you for an additional fee.

You need a chart report?

Then write me a mail or contact me via LinkedIn