Driver Analysis

Driver Analysis

Do you need to know what drives the attitude towards your company, brand or product?

Driver Analysis, also known as key driver analysis, relative importance analysis or importance analysis is a multivariate method to assess the importance of predictor variables for one outcome variable. The predictor variables are called drivers, this is where the name comes from.

The idea is to measure which key features influence the desired outcome the most. Let’s say you want to find the main features that drive customers to recommend your brand or product. This can be done with a driver analysis and the definition of “Likelihood to recommend” as the outcome variable.

Then, with a second set of questions (variables), we can ask customers which attributes they associate with the brand or product. This is the basis for the driver analysis. A generalized linear regression model is computed and the importance of every attribute is calculated. You can see a typical outcome of a driver analysis underneath. (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

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The visualization above shows which attributes are most important for the likelihood to recommend. With 20.3% “Good customer service” is the most important driving factor. Followed by “High quality” with 16.2% and so on.

But of course driver analysis isn’t limited to the likelihood to recommend a brand or product. You can use driver analysis to find out the impact on things like:

  • Satisfaction with a company, brand, website or product
  • Performance of advertisement or specific ads
  • Job satisfaction
  • Influences on brand perception
  • and many more…

Are you eager to get the insights you need to push your company, brand or product?

Driver analysis are a great way to get a deeper understanding about the attitudes towards your company, brand or product.

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