Market research studies

From the first idea to the insights you really need

Market research studies are a complex challenge. Everything starts with questions that come up in every day business:

  • Are our customers satisfied?
  • Where can we improve?
  • How do we get new customers?
  • Are our products too cheap or too expensive?
  • Which sociodemographic groups do we not reach (yet)?
  • Do people like our advertisement?
  • And many more questions like these

My longstanding experience in market research and my degree in Sociology help me to guide my customers from the first idea or question to the insights they really need.

My deliverables include:

  • Roadmapping Session – Creating a complete study design in close contact with the client
  • Development of questionnaires and their implementation
  • Fieldwork – Online, phone and/or face-to-face interviews (I work with selected recruiters)
  • Processing and cleaning the data
  • Multivariate Analyses – e.g. correspondence analysis, driver analysis, MaxDiff, segmentation, and more
  • Presentation of results as table reports, chart reports, executive summaries or Online-Dashboards

Start today to get the insights you need to drive your success

No matter if you already know what you need or if you have just a vague idea, just contact me about your project and we can start your market research study with a kickoff call.

Contact me via Linkedin or via and I will come back to you promptly.

I’m happy to answer any questions you still might have.