Visualizing baseball stats

As a side project I like to think about how to visualize baseball stats. I play baseball myself and just love the game. Unfortunately most websites only use boring tables to present baseball stats.
Because of that I launched
There I will showcase some interesting visualizations for stats that every baseball fan is familiar with. The idea is to find a new look on data that many people already know. If you want to help develop the dashboard further or if you need a dashboard for your data just contact me.

From 2012 to 2018 I worked at MindTake Research in Vienna. Main focus of MindTake is market research with online questionnaires. I gained deep knowledge about survey design, the technical aspect of setting up questionnaires and performing advanced analysis. In the last two years of my work at MindTake I was involved in developing Reppublika. Reppublika is an online dashboard solution to measure the internet traffic in Austria. Reppublika can tell you which and how many people in Austria use internet services. I co-developed the statistical model for it.

For my master’s thesis in Sociology at the University of Vienna I’m conducting theoretical and qualitative research regarding how young Austrians deal with the Holocaust. For this I mainly work with the documentary method after Bohnsack. This approach tries to find latent attitudes towards the topic, which are maybe not even consciously known by the subjects.

For my bachelor’s degree I conducted an online survey to find gender specific risk factors in respect to depression. My main method for this study was a quantitative factor analysis. The data set I gained from this is publicly available (in German). If you are interested, you can find it here.

Besides I constantly try to improve my skills in R. R is a programming language specifically designed for statistics. It has a huge set of libraries to help with advanced analysis, data mining, visualisation and many other things. As visualisation becomes ever more important, I put my focus on it at the moment.


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